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This is the framework that I used to teach my business partners the concept of business. The vehicle is a car and each component of the car represents an aspect of business. Many concepts in business can be difficult or complicated to understand or appreciate. However this model not only simplifies it, it also allows you to create your own business framework as you work through the exercises.
When you start thinking about all the things that are involved in running a business, let alone a successful one, it can be overwhelming. There are lots of things that will need your attention. The good news is that not all the things need to be tackled at the same time. So how do we prioritise which aspects of the business to focus on?
This book will show you how each aspect is prioritised and what you need to take into consideration when planning and running your business.

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In this book you will learn and understand all of the concepts of business through my analogy of a vehicle – in this case a car. This simplifies a lot of the complicated aspects of business and understanding of the concepts will be made significantly easier by allowing you to appreciate how each concept fits in with another.

You will gain knowledge as to why that concept is important, what it is and how you can apply it into your business. As you apply each step, you will be making progress in building a strong business. By going through this book it is possible for you to build your business from concept to success.

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An opportunity to work on your business with the creator of the model and get firsthand experience of using it.Gain insight into running and having a successful business.Implement the concepts of the model in your business so that when you walk away from the workshop, you simply need to take the actions that you have identified…..

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“The ‘Your Vehicle for Business Success’ model offers a really insightful look at all aspects of how to successfully operate and thrive in your business endeavours. I would wholeheartedly recommend this fantastic tool to all businesses regardless of their stage of development.” 

– Inzar Haq (MBA) Transformational Strategist, Management Consultant
Visiting Lecturer for Postgraduates & MBAs (Entrepreneurship & Business Studies)


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The workshops will remove the myth of running a successful business. Getting involved in your own business is daunting and can be very overwhelming. If you can appreciate and understand each of the steps that are involved in having a thriving business then you have already made huge progress in getting to where you want your business to be.

We are committed to your success and help you in your journey. We will be running workshops so that you can fully appreciate and get a good understanding of what it takes to run a successful business.

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